The chair coordinates the events and the use of the guild’s resources. He or she acts as the board coordinator and gives mental support. Caring for these tasks and managing external relations of Kaplaaki requires input and an understanding of time management. The chair represents the guild, takes care of relations, and convenes / chairs board meetings.


• Preparation of board meetings and agendas

• Leading of meetings, distributing the floors and taking care of the meeting order

• Ensuring the fulfillment of the action plan

• Scheduling

• Ensuring continuity

• Representation

• Maintaining and deepening the relationship network

• Encouragement and motivation

• Vision


• Good atmosphere within the board and between the board and the members

• Interaction between the board and clerks and compliance with the action plan

• Enabling change

• Improving and maintaining relationships with parties outside the guild

• Continuity (next year’s board will not have to step on the blank)

Recommended features of the applicant:

You like challenges and your ability to organize is at least moderate. You may be interested in detail-level knowledge, but you will also be able to see the whole. If necessary, you will be able to stick to the design level and let others take care of the implementation.

You have enough time and interest to take care of the guild affairs. Unexpected situations can arise, so resilience to pressure and prioritization of things are absolute abilities to accomplish this task. You will be able to motivate yourself even in tough situations.

You are not satisfied with the former, but you are encouraging your board to change. Diplomacy is an important feature when transforming one’s own goals into common goals of the board. You know what’s going on. You will be able to allocate human resources so that different tasks are performed by motivated people. If necessary, you will be able to motivate even more for the people you are interacting with.

You have previously taken action on a guild board or similar.

You can gain the trust of other people and trust them.

What would the task offer you?

• Development in leadership and organizational skills

• Motivation

• To give feedback

• Leading people

• Improved time management

• The emergence of a network of relationships: companies, other guilds and subject associations, institute, department, other actors

• Improved performance

• Improved problem solving

• Encouragement to make decisions and take responsibility


ESTIEM and International affairs responsible is the international connector in the guild. ESTIEM and International affairs responsible is also the Local Responsible (LR) of Local Group Lappeenranta, which acts under ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management).

ESTIEM responsible participates in ESTIEM events and pursues to organize them in Lappeenranta. ESTIEM-responsible cooperates with other IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) guilds and student organizations and represents or chooses someone, who is qualified to represent, LG Lappeenranta twice a year in ESTIEM’s Council Meetings, that are organized somewhere in Europe. The responsible also organizes TIMES (Tournament in Managerial and Engineering Skills) competitions Local Qualifications in Lappeenranta and is a part of ESTIEM’s decision making. University’s internal international matters are a responsibility of the ESTIEM and International affairs responsible.


It is the responsibility of the treasurer to ensure the financial operating conditions of the guild.
The entire cash flow of the guild passes through his fingers. The financial manager works alongside the chairman in the so-called in the management
or support team, expressing their views on the matter than the matter, especially if it involves the use of money.


Financial management:
Budgeting (Budgets for teams and major events)
Financial statements
Day-to-day operations (Payment of invoices, sales monitoring…)
Financial coordination and forecasting
Status reporting to the guild board
Member list maintenance


Outlining the overall economic picture of the guild and sensible economic control. Zero profit in the financial statements,
successful budgeting and compliance with budgets. The division of resources that satisfies the membership and the development of operations
also rest on the shoulders of the treasurer.

Recommended features of the applicant:

The treasurer is conscientious and systematic in nature. He is able to perceive wholes and on the other hand deal with individual
things carefully. He is social and has a sense of humor and is able to take advantage of these qualities to lead the guild’s economy in a good
spirit without major tooth clenching. The treasurer must be responsible and patient.

What would the task offer you?

In his role, the treasurer acquires valuable practical experience in the association’s financial administration and association activities.
The relationship network of the financial manager expands in the direction of the guild, the student union, the department and the companies.
The duties of a treasurer are also helpful in IEM studies.


Secretary is usually a first-year student. Secretary works as a secretary during the board meetings, writes the minutes and helps other board members with their tasks.


– writing clear and tidy minutes

– taking photos during the events that Kaplaaki organizes

– sharing important information with the members of Kaplaaki


For this position it would be great if you were somewhat self-imposed and had good skills at teamwork. Accuracy is also a good feature for a secretary. Writing clear and tidy minutes requires good writing skills. Working as a secretary doesn´t require any special IT-skills.


You will get all the benefits that there are available for the board members. This position includes much more than just working as a secretary during the meetings. While working in this position you will not only learn how board meetings are executed and how minutes are written but also how events are organized and what it takes to run a nonprofit organization. You will also get a chance to improve your skills at teamwork, writing and expressing yourself.


The task of the Corporate Relations Representative is to manage and develop Kaplaaki’s relations with companies and other similar parties. The task is demanding, but very rewarding for the future and working life. In many ways, a corporate relationship rep job is a very interesting and good option if you want challenges in your life and want to display your abilities.
The most important task of a corporate relations representative is to maintain relationships with our existing partners and to create interesting new partner candidates. The corporate relations representative nurtures Kaplaak’s image and cooperation potential for relevant companies. Procurement and delivery of overalls to freshmen is also one of the tasks of the corporate relations representative. 
  • Satisfaction and continuity of cooperation
  • Securing the guild’s funding base 
  • Development of new forms of cooperation 
  • Sales of overalls expanding Kaplaaki Network operations with new partners
Recommended features of the applicant: 
You are diplomatic and cooperative. You understand the needs of companies and are able to operate in a customer-oriented manner. Both your written and oral communication skills should be at a good level, as you will spend a lot of your time writing emails as well as on the phone. Your ready-made contacts in the business field are useful, but they are not a necessity thanks to the contact database and good reputation maintained by previous. There is no harm in being able to use a car, although not mandatory.
What would the task offer you? 
  • Contact network with our partner companies.
  • Confidence to face future challenges. 
  • Increased soft skills. 
  • Experience in board work. 
  • Improved organizational skills. 


Project managers main job is to plan and organize events for members of Kaplaaki. The main event project manager has to organize is the annual ball of Kaplaaki ry. Project manager doesn’t luckily have to work alone for he/she has the EI-sector (Host & hostess of the guild) to help out, and the rest of board as well when needed. As a board member, Project manager has to attend and be active in the board meetings. The main responsibility for events is project managers.


  • Successful annual ball
  • Continuation of Tech-student traditions
  • Continuation of Kaplaaki’s traditions
  • Activation of Kaplaaki’s members
  • Making new – and maintaining old connections
  • Staying in the budget

Good to have skills and attributes for an applicant:

Besides from good organizing skills and creativity, knowledge of old traditions, experience from event management and good people skills are crucial for a good project manager. Being proactive and brave enough to question old traditions, without disrespecting them is also seen as a plus.

What will this position offer you:

Experience in event organisation, new experiences, new connections and new friends for sure. A chance to refresh old traditions and develop something new with a great team in an inspiring environment.


The excursion’s responsibles duty is to organize entertaining conducted tours around Finland (and sometimes even abroad!).


Excursions are one of the most traditional and liked student events. Kaplaakis excursion responsible organizes various events for Kaplaakis guild members and for other students of the free state of Skinnarila. During the year, Kaplaakis excursion responsible will arrange at least three excursions: “fuksikursio” in the autumn, “Kotimaan Rankka” in the spring, and “KotiSeutuKursio” in wabbu.

In addition to this excursion responsible is often the person who takes care of the bus arrangements if they are needed. Excursion responsible is responsible for connecting the bus companies, guilds from other cities and companies that could possibly be visited.


  • Arranging fun and entertaining events
  • Possibly organizing other events (for example, a theater trip)

Recommended features of the applicant:

  • You’ve been on at least one, but hopefully many, excursion before.
  • You have the guts to grab the phone and contact various parties (including other student organizations) while doing your job.
  • You’re social, organized, and most of the time, when others get tired, you must stay awake. 😀

What does this position give to you?

  • Nice time and good experiences
  • You will gain a lot of experience in organizing events
  • New friends
  • Fun events ( Because you are arranging those by yourself 😀 )


The responsible of studies take care of the interests of the guild members and strives to help with problems related to studies. The head of studies keeps in touch with the department’s study advisor and study secretary.


The responsible of studies is responsible for representing the guild in various committees and working groups. He also participates in the meetings of education policy.

In addition, the responsible of studies keeps in touch with the department and conveys the greetings of the membership to them. In addition to these, the supervisor’s responsibilities include collecting course feedback from each period and forwarding the results to the department.


  • Collecting course feedback
  • Liaison with the department
  • Advocacy related to studies

Recommended features of the applicant:

The applicant is required to be creative and self-reliant to complete the tasks, as well as enthusiasm to complete them. Diplomacy is an advantage, especially when you act as a link to the department.

What would the task offer you?

The opportunity to learn new things, develop your organizational skills and get your voice heard when you notice the disadvantages of studying.



Hostess and Host are usually freshmen who get along with everyone and feel comfortable around people. As their names suggest, Hostess and Host are responsible for the well-being and enjoyment at the extracurricular activities outside studying.

What do we do?
Hostess and Host organize different events for the students of our guild, Kaplaaki, and LUT university in general. For example, we organize a sauna night with other guilds every Tuesday at Punkkerikatu 5. (Kaplaaki is responsible for these about once per month.) We also work closely with our events manager and other members of the board organizing events and taking care of the catering and hydration at different occasions, such as sitsit or Xmas party.

Our goals:
– Joyful sauna nights
– Continuation of student traditions
– Representing Kaplaaki

Desired characteristics of the candidate:
We hope that you are easygoing, social, responsible and spontaneous. Owning or having access to a car is recommended but not necessary. To succeed in the role, you need to be open to new ideas, and sometimes you need to be able to handle even the most extraordinary cases.

Why apply?
As Hostess or Host you get to participate in the board with our board members and other officers. You gain a lot of experience working and planning events. You get to make a lot of new contacts throughout the year and get a bunch of new friends all around the university. As Hostess or Host you will constantly be challenged to improve yourself and definitely learn something new!



The freshman captain acts as a role model and instructor for the freshmen. In addition to freshmen weeks and wappu, the tasks focus on leisure time and various events. For freshmen, the freshman captain is a key person in addition to their own tutor. The freshman captain gets to know almost every student of the new class and work with them in various ways.


Coordinates recreational activities and events for freshmen. The freshman captain is an essential person in the development of events and as freshman captain you get to work closely with other guilds freshmen captains and LTKY’S leisure sector. Freshmen captain also acts as one link between the guilds and the student union.

All of these tasks culminate in a freshman point stack, where the freshman captain marks the events and tasks performed by the freshmen. The duties of the freshman captain also include coordinating the creation of the Fukslaaki with the support of the rest of the board and officers.


· Introduce freshmen to each other

· Create a relaxed atmosphere

· Get freshmen involved in student life

· Develops student life and “spirit of the Skinnarila”

· Sharing information of the wellbeing of freshmen to the board and officers

Applicant recommended features:

Knows Skinnarila’s events and leisure activities. Fells comfortable and gets along with all people and manages to “show up” at events throughout the year.

What would the task offer you?

Great network and lots of new acquaintances. Free parties and unforgettable experiences and moments. An overview of the guild’s activities


The International Affairs Offcier assists Kaplaaki’s ESTIEM and International Responsible in the guild’s international affairs. The Officer will work with the Responsible as the guild’s international link on both university and ESTIEM-related topics. 


The Officer participates in ESTIEM events and assists organizing  them in Lappeenranta together with the ESTIEM and International ResponsibleThe Officer is also involved in other ESTIEM activities. The university’s internal international affairs affecting the guild are the responsibility of the Officer and the Responsible. The Officers tasks also include compiling the weekly newsletter and IS-laaki in EnglishIS-laaki is an info letter about LUT and Kaplaaki for new international students. 



  • Assisting the ESTIEM And International Responsible 
  • Bringing international aspects into the guild’s activities  
  • Continuity and development of ESTIEM operations in Lappeenranta 
  • Taking into account and activating International Master’s students in Industrial Engineering and Management



Recommended features of the applicant: 
The task requires a diplomatic attitude and openness. The International Affairs Officer must be able to communicate and present his or her points clearly in English. He or she must also be able to maintain a working relationship with companies and the departmentswhich is emphasized in the organization of events. The applicant does not have to have previous equivalent experience, as long as the applicant is interested, can communicate in English, open-minded and responsible. Kaplaaki’s ESTIEM and International Responsible will assist the International Officer, so the Officer will not be working alone. 
What does the task offer you? 
This task provides an excellent opportunity to broaden your international network and a very comprehensive picture of ESTIEM’s activities. With the task, your interaction skills and language skills will grow tremendously. Likewise, your organizational skills develop significantly within the year. 



The sports and leisure officer helps with the organization of different leisure events and is responsible for organizing sporting events.


The sports and leisure officer helps the responsible of events and the host and the hostess with organizing different leisure events for the guild. The officer is also responsible for organizing sporting events for the guild and for the university (guild Olympics) with the help of people from other guilds. The officer will also cooperate with LTKY and also possibly with other facets enhancing university’s sporting possibilities.

The sports and leisure officer needs to organize at least two healthy events during the year. They also need to continuously improve and enhance the knowledge of the members of Kaplaaki about the time in the gym for Kaplaaki members and other spare time sporting possibilities around the campus.


– Healthy sporting events
– Encouraging the members to exercise
– Relaxed leisure events that are for everyone
– The person from the guild in contact with the guild Olympics

The recommendable attributes for an applicant:

The job requires initiative good communication skills. The sports and leisure officer themselves is suggested to be an active and enthusiastic exerciser who also encourages others to exercise. Also previous experience from organizing different events could come handy.

What would the job offer you:

Definitely new experiences and learning new things! You’ll get valuable experience especially from organizing different sporting and leisure events and from guild activities in general. You’ll create contacts into other guilds and you’ll get a unique chance to enhance old traditions and create new ones for the guild.


We have a lot of students starting their studies straight from the master level and/or at the Lahti campus. Master- and Lahti students responsible main task is to make sure that these students feel welcome to the community of Kaplaaki and they know all important things related to student- and teekkari culture.

At this position main responsibilities are:

  • Tell about Kaplaaki for master students and students who study at Lahti campus or study totally remotely.
  • Participate in orientation day at Lahti campus, contact our new students and tell about Kaplaaki
  • Communicate for master students about overalls and Kaplaaki hoodie order possibilities.
  • Develop and organize Kaplaaki’s master student activities
  • Follow closely the development of the Lahti campus and upcoming changes there
  • Negotiate with stakeholders like the student union about the Lahti campus and student’s services, benefits, and student culture there.
  • Create Maisterilaaki-magazine for new master students.

You have succeeded if:

  • Master students feel welcomed to Kaplaaki and LUT
  • Master students get to know each other
  • Master students know the most important things related to student life

Recommended characteristics qualities for the candidate for this position:

  • You have pretty good organization skills
  • You are social, and you do not feel uncomfortable with new people
  • You love student life and teekkari culture and you want to relay this happy message to new students.


The main task of the PR officer is to pass on important information for the members of Kaplaaki and to filter out unnecessary information to avoid exploding the members’ inbox.


  • The PR officer informs the members of the guild about the events organized by the guild and, if necessary, also informs about more general events. The PR Officer uses his/her own consideration when sharing announcements and advertisements from the Student Union, other guilds, and outside parties.
  • Updating news and event announcements to the guild’s website is also part of the job description.
  • The PR officer also actively updates info about the guild and its activities on social media.



  • Sharing of the necessary information to the members.
  • The high-quality look and update of the website.
  • Improving the visibility of Kaplaaki on social media


The applicant is expected to:

You should have good expressive skills at least in writing to make the announcements clear and enjoyable to read. Imagination is a feature that is especially helpful when writing event ads. A memorable and compelling ad will greatly influence the popularity of the event. In Pr work, the computer skills are a plus, but no special skills are required.


What would the task offer you?

The position naturally offers all the benefits of the board, such as a lot of new friends and potentially useful contacts for working life as well. In addition, your expression skills will develop further and you will be able to express yourself even better.



The guild room officer takes care of the cleanliness of the guild room, the replenishment of milk and coffee stocks and the relevant amenity of the guild room. Active participation in guild events is also considered important.


Maintaining the comfort of the guild room
Maintaining milk and coffee stocks so that they do not run out
Being in charge of the lends of Kaplaaki’s wares to guild members
Possible assistance to other actors if needed

Recommended features of the applicant:

You are systematic and know how to create a good atmosphere in the guild room. You are innovative in coming up with different ways to get milk and coffee, or you have the option to use a car. Helpfulness is one of your strong areas and you like to be involved in many things.

What would the task offer you:

In addition to improving systematicity and organizational skills, you will get to know Kaplaaki’s activities and gain new experiences in addition to studying. You can also influence the comfort of the heart of Kaplaaki, the guild room.


The association of technology academics (TEK) has a guild liaison in each guild. He shares information with the members of the guild about all of TEK’s services and other matters related to TEK and strives to recruit as many freshmen as possible to join TEK together with tutors and the board. The TEK guild liaison acts as a link between the association and the student and represents the guild with the chairman at TEK’s annual events. The guild liaison acts as TEK’s representative in the guild and is also involved in other activities of Kaplaaki as an officer.

The officer must also be in contact with the Kaplaaki Alumni association: inform about their affiliations, participate in the board meetings of Kaplaaki Alumni, and develop the joint game between Kaplaaki and Kaplaaki Alumni, e.g. with visiting alumni and with the help of alumni to establish, among other things, business relationships for Kaplaaki.