Kaplaaki is a guild for Industrial Engineering and Management students of Lappeenranta University of Technology. Founded 1974, its colorful history goes further than any other guild’s in Lappeenranta. In over forty years, Kaplaaki has become the largest IEM guild in Northern Europe. Each year the guild gets over 100 new freshmen, in total Kaplaaki has about 800 members.

Members of Kaplaaki can be recognised by their stylish dark blue overalls. Those overalls are a tradition of technical students’s culture and Kaplaaki’s color in the student world is dark blue.

The main tasks of the guild are supervision of the interest of its members, promotion of studies and organisation of leisure time activities as a counterbalance to sometimes intense studying. In order to complete these tasks Kaplaaki participates in different kinds of working groups and meetings.

To contribute promotion of studies and supervision of the interest of its members Kaplaaki provides information for its members by communicating actively between the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Student Union (LTKY) and other student associations. The leisure time activities include excursions, company visits and different kinds of other events and parties. Kaplaaki also maintains a guild room which serves its members as a comfortable living room at the university providing a relaxed atmosphere and coffee.

One of the important tasks of Kaplaaki is also introducing the typical Finnish and especially Karelian technical student culture to the new freshmen. Kaplaaki’s operations are run by its board and officials. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact them via kaplaaki@lists.lut.fi or in person at the guild room.