Students of University of Technology, aka Teekkarit, can be recognized at the campus by their student overalls. Industrial Engineering and Management students from Lappeenranta can be recognized for their dark blue overall color and 3 stripes of reflective fabric in the overall leg. First year students, aka Fuksit, will not yet have their overalls in the autumn and this is what signifies you as a first year student.

The responsibility of procuring first year students’ overalls is traditionally on the corporate relations representative and our goal is that every one of the new Kaplaaki members that pays the guild joining fee will get their overalls without extra payment. The overalls are funded by selling advertisements printed on the overalls. New Kaplaaki member have an emphasizes role in this! Should you have connection to companies through work, family, friends or any other way utilize your networks and ask them to sponsor Kaplaaki by buying an ad in the new overalls! There will be approx. 100 overalls ordered and an ad in them will provide positive employer branding and visibility during the whole studies which normally takes ~ 5 years. Each student to sell an ad to the overalls will be rewarded with a fun evening event!

If you have connections to some great sponsor be sure to contact our Corporate Relations Sector by email