Reviewing teaching and university operations is one of the core values ​​of the academic student community. If there is room for improvement, criticism must be brought to the attention of university staff from the coffee table discussions. The voice of a large group outweighs the opinions of individual students in pursuing common interests.

This is why one of Kaplaakis’ most important activities is membership lobbying. The chair of the Kaplaaki Board and the head of studies work in many groups, the information of which is passed on through Kaplaaki to the members. Liaison is also actively maintained with the Department of Production Economics, other guilds, and LTKY. Kaplaak thus has direct channels of influence for a wide range of advocacy work. You can take the initiative either by contacting any member of Kaplaak’s board via email or by twitching your sleeve in the hallway. If you wish, you can also leave feedback on study matters anonymously via the feedback section or in the feedback box located in the Kaplaak guild hall.


Useful links

The members of the Representative Council of the Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology (LTKY) can be seen behind this link: The governing bodies of LUT University and other stakeholders have administrative student representatives (HallOpEd). Behind this link you can see the student representatives of the administration elected by LTKY: